BBC ‘Own It’ Anti-Bullying animations launch for #antibullyingweek2018

We’re excited to announce Heehaw’s contribution to BBC’s ‘Own It’ campaign, which encourages kids and young adults to take charge of their online presence.

We created two animations for launch during anti-bullying week, which started on Monday, November 12th.

One animation focuses on the dangers of taking part in anonymous online spaces, while the other explores the pressure people feel to be online and glued to their mobile phone 24/7. We loved working on this important project to aid in the fight against cyber bullying and social pressure.

BBC Own It • Does being anonymous make it easier to be mean?

BBC Own It • Always being ‘on’ – does it affect our friendships?

The videos have been distributed across CBBC’s social media channels and BBC’s ‘Own It’ website.