Heehaw partners up with FuckUp Nights Edinburgh

FuckUp Nights is changing the game of professionalism; originally established in Mexico City, it has grown to become a global event series “that shares stories of professional failure.” Rather than focusing on glossy success stories, FuckUp Nights celebrates failures as vital learning experiences. Covering a huge range of different industries and careers, it has spread to 80 countries and 300 cities throughout the world since its start in 2012.

And now, Fuckup Nights has partnered with Heehaw, Bright Purple Resourcing, and Two Fifths Design to bring the excitement to Edinburgh! The first Edinburgh FuckUp Night was a huge success; held on November 12th, 2018 it featured four inspiring speakers: author JoJo Fraser, racing driver Sebastian Melrose, international sales professional Edward Chance, and entrepreneur and investor Chris van der Kuyl.

Host / Chief Fuckupper of the Edinburgh segment, Nick Price says, “From artists to entrepreneurs, start-ups to corporates, hey even bankers, advisors and recruiters, we’ve all fucked up sometimes….Over 300 cities across the globe are now working to revolutionise the acceptance that failure happens and we generally learn more from it, than we do listening to yet another multi millionaire tell us their life story. Nobody is perfect…it’s OK to fail, because failure doesn’t have to be permanent, it’s just another leg on the journey to your success.”

Heehaw’s Managing Director Mally Graveson says “I absolutely love FuckUp Nights!!!  What a refreshing change! So nice to hear people talk about their Fuck Ups as opposed to hearing about how great (really?) everyone is doing all the time – as we all know business is tough, it’s hard and we all fuck up along the way.  What’s more, it’s like minded people getting together and learning from each other. I love it.”

The next Edinburgh FuckUp Night event will be held on January 14th, 2019, from 6:30pm-10pm at The Glassroom at Edinburgh Napier University. Drinks and tasty nibbles with be provided by local vendors, and it’s sure to be an event that you won’t want to miss!

We’re always looking for venues to host our events and drink sponsors to partner with, so please contact us if you’re keen to be involved in FuckUp Nights Edinburgh!

For more information about FuckUp Night Edinburgh visit – https://fuckupnights.com/edinburgh/

For more information about the global FuckUp Nights movement visit – https://fuckupnights.com/

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