Heehaw’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ series: creating 3D client logos

Tucked into the North end of Edinburgh’s bustling New Town is a golden development opportunity waiting to happen: New Town North. We recently worked with creative agency Turnbull Ripley to produce a short video highlighting the development opportunity that New Town North presents, in addition to why Edinburgh is a great place to live, work, and above all, own property.

Heehaw’s post-production team worked with a wide array of footage of Edinburgh and the property, adding in on-screen text to highlight key points, while also rendering 3D logo design and visual effects. While our motion graphics designer Becky took on the majority of the project’s work, the 3D rendering proved to be a hefty challenge, so she worked alongside two of our other motion designers, Kyle and Dan. While Kyle laid the groundwork with on-screen text, our go-to 3D guy Dan helped Becky put together the complex logo segments throughout the video.

Working in Cinema 4D, Becky first created a wireframe render of the logo and visual effect segments to send to the client, as you can see in the video below. After the client approved the initial mockups, the team was able to go in and add texture and illumination to the logo. While this might sound simple, the task involved making a stationary object look like it was moving, which is no piece of cake. In order to pull it off, cameras had to be animated to move around the logo, while simultaneously moving the lighting effects.

After creating all the 3D logo segments in Cinema 4D, the project was then exported to Adobe After Effects, where Becky added the finishing touches like lens flares and backlit glow. All in all, between logo design, wireframe build, 3D rendering, and visual effect development, the project took about four days of design to complete. See the final polished video below!