We chat international reputations with Business Comment magazine

Heehaw was recently featured in the International and Trade issue of Business Comment Magazine for our flourishing international presence and client relationships. Business Comment Magazine is the Edinburgh Chamber of Commerce’s bi-monthly magazine that features the latest news on Edinburgh’s business sector. The magazine sat down with Heehaw Managing Director Mally Graveson and Creative Director Toby Trueman to discuss Heehaw’s continually expanding international reputation.

Discussing huge international clients like the World Health Organization, Nestle, and Medtronic, Heehaw has traveled to every far corner of the Earth to foster strong professional relationships with its clients; from the bustling city of Hong Kong, to the snowy, freezing temperatures of Norway, to the scorching, sunny heat of Malawi and Mexico City.


Within the article, Mally and Toby touch on the key necessities for building an international presence:

“Building an international portfolio has to start somewhere and in the view of heehaw Managing Director Mally Graveson it starts with attitude: “You need to be open to the possibilities, you need to have that willingness to embrace the opportunities when they come along.”

Business Partner and Creative Director Toby Trueman agrees: “It’s been about investing in the relationships we have, not allowing perceived barriers – be they cultural or language – to get in the way of building those relationships.”

To read more about Heehaw’s international presence, and Mally and Toby’s tips for building a strong international reputation, you can read the full article here.

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