We're on our way! EVCOM Clarion Awards 2019 Finalists!

We are super excited to be attending the EVCOM Clarion Awards 2019 in London today - to celebrate our shortlisted animation that we produced for NHS Lothian.

The animation was produced for the Chalmers Gender Identity Clinic and has been nominated for the ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ Award. We’re delighted this project has had a significant impact within the Transgender community. The objective of the film was to make the patients using the service feel more comfortable, and confident, to attend the clinic, no matter what stage of their journey. The film aims to alleviate the fears and anxieties related to visiting the clinic for the first time, whether that be fear of judgement, rejection or exclusion. 

We had amazing support from the Transgender community in Scotland, ensuring we developed a film that represents the community accurately. and decided to work with a traditional hand-drawn technique of animation to reflect the emotion and tone of this topic. Link: https://vimeo.com/341337279 

A massive good luck to all of the incredible nominations, and we look forward to celebrating another year of amazing work from all the fabulous productions companies based all over the UK.

Clarion Shortlisted
GIC Film Cover.png