NHS Lothian

We produced an animation for NHS Lothian that presents the journey of three Transgender people and their experience of the Gender Identity clinic, the first video resource of its kind for the clinic. The objective of the film was to make the patients using the service feel more confident to attend, no matter what stage of their journey. The film would alleviate the fears and anxieties related to visiting for the first time, whether that be fear of judgement, rejection or exclusion and will thus reduce the number of missed appointments at the clinic. We decided to create a succinct and emotive animated film that would follow the journeys of three different people at three different stages of their journey. A Transwoman, a non-binary person and a Transman.

In order for the film, script and visual representation of the characters to be authentic we gained a lot of knowledge through extensive research and community group consultations that helped us to understand the community and how best to portray their stories. These steering group meetings gave us crucial insight and the entire LGBT community were so welcoming and supportive of the film making process. We connected and met groups such as Transwoman group, Non-Binary Edinburgh, Transmasculine Scotland, LGBT Health and Wellbeing, Beyond Gender, National Gender Identity Clinical Network for Scotland and many more. By getting involved with the heart of the community, this allowed a collaborative approach across the board and a chance for us to showcase an authenticity that the audience would feel inspired and supported by.


Working with animator Iain Gardner, we moved forward with a traditional hand-drawn technique of animation, reinforcing the calming tone and emotions of the film and the theme of support. Through the design phase, it was paramount that we did not stereotype or stigmatise characters in any way, so again we sought input from groups on how the characters should look. We had an overwhelming response from the young people at the LGBT Beyond Gender group, as they drew sketches of how they would want to be represented if they were an animated character. Within the film we also animated real artwork supplied from service users in Glasgow to show the expression of gender through art.