As one of Heehaw's longest standing clients, Busabout asked us to produce a range of launch videos for 2018. However, this year not only did Busabout want us to produce 2-minute launch videos for both Europe and Asia, they wanted us to create shorter 30 second social media clips, that would focus on their individual products. We then went onto produce an All Stars Agent video and a Hop-On Hop-Off info graphic based video for B2B and B2C audiences.

Launch Videos

We wanted to showcase the very best of Busabout as a brand and the possibilities of their travel networks and packages. With a bank of archive content such as drone, slow-mo footage and beauty shots, this was achievable to create the launch videos 2018 for Europe and Asia.

Short Clips

Busabout wanted to produce a short product and social clip for each tour they provide. The inspiration for these clips was drawn from ‘The Yacht Week’. These squared clips with centralised text are only 30 seconds in length. These videos are cinematic and successfully entice the audience, by showcasing the beauty and possibilities stunning travel destinations. We created around 30 short clips for Busabout products 2018. Check out the Italian and Thai videos:

Hop-on Hop-off

We wanted to capture the essence of exactly what Hop-on Hop-off is. The brochure successfully captures this and has a very distinctive, visually attractive and colourful style, through captivating still images and consistently slick brand elements. As the brochure information is fairly detailed, we wanted to condense the Hop-on Hop-off information in order to provide a punchy and slick 60-second and 30-second info graphic that can engage any traveller.

All Stars Greece Video

The purpose of the video is to motivate agents to sell more Busabout products to be part of our "family" - a trip that takes our top selling agents to a destination Busabout goes to. This season it was Greece!

Getting itchy feet? Want to find out more?

Feeling like an adventure? We expect you are feeling in the mood for travel and adventure, so you must check out Busabout for the most amazing travel experiences in Europe, Asia and North Africa - www.busabout.com

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